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March 28, 1986


  • I think that a lot of people don't really know what the word means, and simply believe that it's bad because the people they listen to says it is, and obviously anyone who says otherwise is evil. Really, it's just a blend of Capitalism and Statism. …
  • I still can't quite wrap my head around the American hatred of socialism. For an unofficially "Christian" nation, a lot of people sure seem to hate loving their neighbour. (Quote) But I love pundits.
  • Thanks, Oyashiro, now I have this stuck in my head. Anytime I hear a Monty Python song, this one strong-arms its way in there. It's not even my favourite. I think my mind is ill. On an unrelated note, I am so looking forward to my massage tomorrow …
  • Don't forget Faxanadu for the NES! Action/Adventure RPG like thing with a truly terrifying password save system. DL7,cv20SoWOx2XIbBL4PhA for example. Yes, it used o, O, and 0.
  • Surfing the net from your PDA (Mobile speeds are actually very fast in Eberron), you pull up a handful of things. First, of course, are the basic qualities of Adamantine; its immense hardness, cutting power, and the difficulty of working with it. It…
  • On the N64 front, I think Quest 64 qualifies as a rightly-forgotten RPG.
  • Along those lines, it seems somebody stole my derelict WoW account again, and merged it with their own Battle.net account. Oh well, they're the one paying for it.
  • (Quote) Whoops, my bad. It's been a long while since I played that game. (Quote) Hey, Etna is damn hot.
  • Sorry 'bout that. Yeah, that should work nicely.
  • Conveniently enough, a single casting of each is all that's required. With Detect Evil you sense a moderate evil aura coming from the creature. Detect Magic gives a potent blend of magical aromas; An even blend of universal, conjuration, enchantment…
  • Well isn't that just incredibly convenient! ^_^ Now could I bother everyone to PM their char in that format to me for easy reference?
  • Busy being too damned tired to post a complete sentence. And angry that my work blocked RPGamer. (Image) It was great. On Sunday night, I literally did not sleep at all. Went to bed at around 1:00AM, laid uselessly in bed for 3-4 hours, then decide…
  • Whatever his name was from Secret of Evermore. Just some poor kid from the '50s who gets lost in time and tries to get back home, while helping people out like all good kids from the '50s are supposed to do. Sure, he could use a sword, but it was al…
  • So instead of saying it's a game for adults, they ban it alltogether? That's seriously messed up. They should also ban porn, most horror movies, and Cheech and Chong if these things anger them so much.
  • (Quote) Nope. (Quote) TG speaketh the truth. For example, a sniper rifle will do 2d12 damage with a range of 120ft, while a handgun may do 2d6 damage with a range of 40ft. (Quote) Ahh, it's allright. If your schedule clears up, you can drop back in …
  • (Quote) There have been a handful launched in the past 30 years or so, all of which are tightly controlled by House Cannith and House Sivis. (Quote) There have so far been no survivors, and so nobody left to write reports about the creature directly…
  • I am so looking forward to this flick.
  • Jeanne d'Arc is pretty damn good, I'd say. Tons of fun if you like Tactical RPGs. And if you are, also get FF:Tactics for the PSP. Zelgodes is right about Crisis Core, though. It's definitely mediocre. It'll probably be worth the $20 you got it for,…
  • I just spent about 8 hours playing New Horizons on the Wii. I love that game so very very much. After this refresher course, I'm pretty sure it can safely be classified as some form of Naval Adventure RPG. And I forgot to add Ogre Battle 64 to my l…
  • (Quote) Done. *Nods head*
  • Sounds like you just need a good screen, Hyphy. In my mind, this is a bowl, and this is a bong. So far I have broken the bowl insert of a sweet water bong, then shattered the inside tube of the same bong, and I recently chipped the end of the mouth…
  • (Quote) They should just steal the fan-translated ROM out there, slap it on the VC, and say they did all the work themselves. Isn't the VC basically a license to print money anyways?
  • (Quote) I could not agree more. I swear I almost climaxed when I saw that it was available on the Wii Virtual Console. Now if they would only put Secret of Evermore, an English SD3, and Rock n' Roll Racing on there, I could die a happy man.
  • Does a WoW subscription count?
  • As in the basic Scrying spell?
  • I've always wanted a Fu Manchu, actually, but at this rate it will take about 10 years to come to fruition. (Quote) I think Shaggy's more of a joint guy. He'd totally break a proper bowl with all that falling down he does.
  • I am having a hard time choosing a beard style. My problem is that the 'stache and soul patch areas sport minimal hair growth, while my neck and under the jaw proliferate. I'd kill to be able to rock a Zappa or Franz Josef. >_>
  • Oh, they hate their jobs allright, but they do what the Artificers tell them to. (Image)
  • Yeah, you guys have been working together for a number of years.
  • (Quote) Sorry, I just realized I wasn't very clear in that intro at all. You're currently all chilling out in the main room of the abandoned fortress of Loren Rath. The fort has been long abandoned in favour of a newer military outpose further to th…