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June 7, 1981


  • To get all the Monsters open you need to capture 10 of every monster from every area. Yeah lots of work. So get cracking! (Image)
  • Actually if you are in the far corner they will converge and you can hit back more then one, or atleast I managed to. Your mileage may vary.
  • Well personally, I prefer a full walkthrough that tells you were and when to get the extra goods, with a lists of the secrets at the end. I really don't mind or care for Boss guides or weapon guides, in general anyway. Now if you just want to make …
  • don't want guides? SAY YE NAY! Send it my way. Just make sure it explictly states the name of the game, since you know, we only cover a few of those games.
  • as long as you have 3 prism Helms ( you did get the helms right?). And the best armor and weapons you can get, you shouldn't be having any real problems. First, use confuse. not luminaire. With the Rainbow Sword ( that is the best sword, right? Bee…
  • Back in my day, we just used our thumbs and hit the button for 10 hours straight and gosh darnit, we liked it. Heh. It is a very easy way to gain a ton of levels quick. The only problem is that locke gets screwed out of levels, but that is fine.
  • Or you could just be cheap and use the trick to get to level 99. Not that I ever use that... no... never. (Image)
  • Ultima 2, like Flare 2 is a boss only spell, that the players can't learn. Unless you use a GS that is. And someone else is abusing their power? I thought I was the only one who did that.
  • 100. Seriously. Though you only need to finish 10 to get to finish the story part of it. Watch out though, there are bosses every 30 levels. IF you get to 100 you have to fight a boss and then another one right before you leave.
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by TRC April 2003
  • Yes. It is in the secret exit from the cave. I don't recall right now ( but I know for a fact) you have to bomb a wall somewhere to get to it. And it is outside the exit. just bomb all the walls and you should find it. ( sorry I can't be of more hel…
    in Wild ARMs 3 Comment by TRC March 2003
  • A level 0 rarity cosmis blade, at IW level 100 has an item god 2 with a Yoshi equiped. You can steal it from him. It works like that with every weapon, a level 0 rarity, at IW level 100 will have an item god 2 with the next level of weapon equiped.
  • from what I understand, yes only level 0 legend items have item god2s in them, the rest of legend items have item gods. In IW it is level dependant, meaning better level enemies will give better items Base level ( meaning no stronger enemy bills) …
  • Aptitude only effects how many stats you get from items, not how much you get from leveling. Every stat (excepting HP) gains 40-70 ( something like that) % of it's base stat every level up. Which is why transmigrated with over 1000 levels stored mak…
  • To get the best equipment, get a weapon , like a cosmic sword, that is legend and a rarity of 0, go down to level 100 in item world, and you have to steal it off the item god. It'll net you a Yoshitimu ( something like that), the best sword in the g…
  • what transmigration does is this. When you make a new level 1 character, their stats effect their stat growth, the higher the stats, the higher they grow. Example: I just transmigrated a level 40 character, his attack with his sword was 405, now a…
  • Well without owning it or knowing anything else, try running the game in compatibility for win nt? (right click on the exucutable and go to properties and it is in there somewhere)
  • Myself, I have gotten the most joy from Fallout, moreso then fallout 2. Where as Fallout has a huge number of things to do, you can still do most of them in 2 or 3 playthroughs of the game. There are somethings in Fallout 2 I can't get to work eve…
  • I was thinking that, but the quote from Chevelle worked better. It more matched my mood about quitting.
  • There have always been rpgamer infighting. I didn't leave because of any infighting. I quit about 2 weeks ago. There were just some fishy things right afterwards....
  • Huh, weird. Everywhere online has Deb but it should be DCB. I would change it but I will change it, eventually. But yes it is a huge dredg refrence, I figured someone would get it eventually. I adore them, and I love El Cielo. So what do you wan…
  • So then, Guess.
  • Yet another staffer playing FFXI. Dreaming is the profile. Ayren is the name.
  • And yes, this is Mine, but it friend's only, because I am an evil bastard. ( not really, stepbrother read it once, and yeah, less said about that incident the better.)
  • ... that is what is known as a brain teaser, not a riddle (Image)
    in Riddles Comment by TRC September 2003
  • You know, normally I don't say much about reviews, given they are opinions and all. Because of the of the time I don't feel strongly enough about a game to comment. yet, I don't agree with Araes giving Disgaea a 5 for replay value.. I don't underst…
  • Who, in their youth, hasn't written poems of some kind? I think most people have, even if they never show them to anyone. I write in my free time, but lately I have taken to drawing, as it seems to be an easier way to get my ideas across. And it is…
  • I've never really had a problem with it. It is like every other holiday, commercialized to the last drop. I'd more upset about that then the feeling of lonliness associated with it. That and this is the second year I have someone to be with... that…