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December 9, 1977
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  • The non player people in the game keep freezing up Final Fantasy XI to start up quests everywhere I go. I'm not sure why, this didn't happen nearly as often on the last server I was on "Bahamut", there a place I can go to state this problem?
  • Should I wait before server jumping since I just joined FFXI to avoid server double charge?
  • There any LS available for me to join?
  • You ever consider playing again? I'm finding Jobs such as Monk and Warrior not bad to level. The crafting stuff I did a tiny bit of, it seems harder than it is. I talked to someone about getting level help in the game. Usually about after 14-1…
  • I just got involved with FFXI. I'm on Bahamut, I'm quite lost, I realize I need a Pearl. Is there anyone that would mind adding a noob to the list? It doesn't matter if I have to make a server jump. TY Cheers :).
  • Comparing every FF series is hard, they are unique in their own way. My ratings would be close for all the versions i played. Gameplay: FFIV FFIII FFVI FFI FFIII FFX FFXII FFII FFTA Setting: FFXII FFVII FFVIII FFX FFIX FFVI …
  • I'd love to see this, I'd buy it. Any chance of starting off the game with Cloud and Zack you think?