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April 22, 1985


  • Carmen - Habanera Preformed by, Julia Migenes Johnson She has such an amazing voice
  • Howard Jones - What is love
  • The 7th guest (soundtrack) - Skeletons in my closet It's nice to listen to jazz style from the 1930's, well to hear someone else sing it besides me (Image)
  • In joy and sorrow - HIM
  • Genisis - No son of mine Oye, that is old. I should really get the monkey under my bed to stop swiping my CDs.
  • Trapt - These Walls
  • Soulfly - I believe
  • Blackmore's night - Shadow of the moon I love minstrel music.
  • Crossfade - Cold
  • Mine have been all psychic dreams lately, and it is mostly about the dumbest things. My other dreams are things I am completely convinced happened at some point, but I cannot seem to find anything to prove it. I once had a dream that a woman on my s…
  • I went rafting with my sister a few summers ago, (mostly for S&G's) on a little creek out by the place where we practice our shows for reenactment. Anyway, we made our way down the creek pretty far and I had an overwhelming feeling we should tur…
  • Forget I said anything
  • I'm a woman, but I'm tomboyish due to my only growing up around males. Avatars can be very misleading sometimes, and I'm no help to that
    in SEX! Comment by lt9tSilver July 2004
  • I'll have to agree with Happy Hobo here, sex does sell, I would like to see it toned down a couple of notches. Heck, prostitution is one of the oldest professions on the planet. I don't really like seeing these things where women or men are nothing …
    in Boobies Comment by lt9tSilver June 2004
  • The crow that wakes me up every morning at around 5 - 7 AM, he sits right outside my window, caws for about a minute and then leaves. It's really annoying (Image)
  • Another thing I hate is when my brother's python gets out and I have to find and catch it because my mom refuses to touch it. We named him Houdini for a good reason. I love the snake and all but, he just gets out of his cage a little too often.
  • My recent gripe is my brother's girlfriend. I cannot stand her, she talks all the time and will not be quiet for more than two seconds. She is driving me insane. ?(Image) Edit: I guess I should mention this too, she is at my house all the time. Sh…
  • I will add something to Sesshoumaru's post. People who bring their children into theaters and do not do a thing to keep them under control. Or when you are trying to watch an Oprea and people are talking, it is very rude.
  • I know what that is like, Raina. My computer has gone on the fritz so many times I am starting to think it is collaborating with the scanner. First off, I do living history and I am Annie Oakley. Anyway, there are people that I see hiding their cam…
  • This is more along the lines of a stupid minor gripe. I have an evil rain cloud... No, I am not kidding, for the past few weeks the weather has been nice. So one sunny day I go out to wash my truck, lo and behold about half an hour later it rains. I…
  • I am going to have to agree with the bird on this one, wholeheartedly. I have Fibromyalgia, and it stinks. Therefore, I know what it is like to hurt all the time. Just do not let it hold you back from anything. My gripe for now, when a game I am pl…
  • The gripe I have had for awhile is when your friends do not tell you things about themselves, but tell everyone else. The reason I say this is that my best friend for ten of more years told me she was a lesbian, she told all her other friends but d…
  • My current gripe is that some of the kids in the neighborhood have been trying to copy my wacky antics. I wish they would bugger off and find something better to do than try to mimic me.
  • I could really use a hug right about now, I'm going in for a root canal tomorrow and I'm a little nervous. I have never been fond of things like this.
  • This brings back really ugly memories from another message board. Okay, best soul gem is the grand ones. There should be a little thing towards the top that will tell you how much space you have used. The best items are (if I remember right) some o…
  • Welcome to the boards, nobody here bites.......Much, hope you have fun here. (Image)
  • We can't forget about Dr. Cranium (wasn't he Dr. Brain's cousin?), or Baba Yaga and her flying house with the chicken feet. She killed me countless times. (Image) Edit: Darn typo monkey!
  • Sweet memories, I am going to have to play Quest for Glory again, I loved the series so much. Antwerp... I have nightmares about those. I remember vaguely a three stooges parody towards the end of so you want to be a hero... I forgot exactly what it…
  • Hiei!!! Hiei = MINE! Gophers or Squirrels?
  • I love the harvest moon series, I hope they will release this outside Japan for once. I was pretty angry that they didn't release the one they made for the playstation.